Mataffin Macadamia Lifestyle & Assisted Living Village has been established among the existing infrastructure of the Mataffin village

It was originally developed as the main residential settlement for the family and staff of HL Hall and Sons (Pty) Ltd when they set up shop here in the 1800’s and grew as the company expanded and developed to accommodate the additional staff.

Mataffin has always been at the centre of the Halls family and business since HL Hall, the founder of Hall and Sons, settled and started farming the land, in 1890, as one of the first pioneers of the Lowveld.

The three main heritage homes, Torburnlea, The Outlook and Cory Hall have significant history.  Torburnlea was built for the founder, Hugh Lanion Hall and his wife Grace, and the other two homes were built as wedding presents for their two sons, Lanion and Dickon.  Direct family descendants of the founder, Hugh Hall, continue to live in two of the manor homes, The Outlook and Cory Hall.  Torburnlea has been refurbished as a bed and breakfast and is being run by family members, Andrew and Kim Hall, descendants of HL Hall.

Generations of family and staff have lived in the village, over many years, creating a rich tapestry of history and memories, and making it the special place it is.

 It is with this inspiring heritage in mind that Mataffin Macadamia Lifestyle & Assisted Living Village was developed, to incorporate existing structures and common spaces