Mataffin Macadamia Lifestyle & Assisted Living Village Nelspruit


The developers, Mataffin Macadamia Devco (Pty) Ltd, have teamed up with VBX to design and install a tailor made telecommunication and internet system for the village. The system is called the Mesh system. The system provides a broadband platform for both voice and internet connectivity within the village and the outside world.

A dedicated line of connectivity between the village and the main source of the broad band has been set up which allows residents uncontested use of the network thereby providing a high level of service that should not get interrupted. Within a village a spider web or mesh distribution system is installed with the placement of super nodes and individual mesh units on each home to ensure high speed connectivity within the village and outside world.

The home owner has a number of options such as simple Analog phone (a normal day to day hand set) still allowing free inter community calls and reduced call costs, another option is an IP phone which offers far more flexibility, a number of Internet options as well phone calls that are free between the home owners, home to clinic etc . The call rate for outside calls between 35% - 40% less than prevailing landline rates. Home owners can also subscribe to VBX as their internet service provider for broadband and internet connectivity. In this regard, different packages are availableon request.

Other options we will be assisting with will be access control, panic buttons etc.

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