1. Who are the developers of Mataffin Macadamia Village?
  2. The joint developers of Mataffin Macadamia Village are HL Hall & Sons Properties (Pty) Ltd and the Lagerwey Group.
  3. What is the size of the Village?
  4. The village is situated on a 17 Ha site which includes a large village green. There are a total of 259 housing units planned for the development consisting of 29 existing freehold houses, 56 new freehold units,56 sectional title lifestyle units and 118 sectional title assisted living apartments. There will be a range of options available in both the apartments and freehold title units.
  5. Assisted Living versus Lifestyle?
  6. The Village consists of two distinct sections, namely an Assisted Living section for the 49- and-better community and a Lifestyle section for anyone who values relaxed and secure country living on the fringes of the city. The Assisted Living section is in close proximity to the care centre and will comprise of 118 apartments and 12 freehold units. The Lifestyle section will comprise only of freehold units. There are Body Corporate and Homeowners' Association regulations that set out the various rules applicable in the two sections.
  7. Is there an age restriction applicable?
  8. There is no age restriction for the purchasers of either the sectional title or freehold title units. However, there is an age restriction (49-and-better) for residents in the Assisted Living section of the development.
  9. Will the development be secured?
  10. There will be perimeter security around the Village in the form of a wall on the northern boundary and a palisade fence on the eastern and western boundary - both of which will be electrified. There will also be 24-hour security and controlled access.
  11. Will there be a Care Centre on site?
  12. There is already a fully functional care facility in the Village and a new, well-equipped care centre will be built in Phase 3 of the development.
  13. Will the existing homes in the village form part of the development?
  14. Yes they will, and the exterior of the existing houses will be refurbished in line with the architectural guidelines laid down for the Village. Options for upgrading the interior of the existing homes will be available on request.
  15. What are the ownership options available?
  16. There are both sectional title and freehold title options available. The sectional title options are available in both the Lifestyle and Assisted Living sections of the Village.
  17. What sort of levies will be applicable?
  18. If you purchase a sectional title apartment there will be a levy payable to the Body Corporate and a levy payable to the Care Centre depending on the level of service you require or request. In the Lifestyle section, there is a levy payable to the Mataffin Macadamia Homeowners' Association plus a basic levy to the Care Centre.
  19. What about municipal services and related costs?
  20. The development forms part of the greater Mataffin township and will be serviced by municipal services. The cost of the services will be as per the prevailing municipal tariffs.
  21. Can I design my own floor plan for my new home?
  22. There are a variety of floor plans available in both the sectional title apartments and freehold units. Changes will be permitted to freehold units only as long as they conform to the architectural guidelines and are approved by the developer.
  23. When can we expect occupation?
  24. The scheme will be developed in phases. Phase 1 is 95% sold out and under construction with a number of owners and residents having taken occupation and transfer.Phase 2 has been launched and the developers exepect to start with the installation of services in May 2014. Occupation of the existing houses in phase II will be sooner than with the new units and is anticipated to be early in 2014.
  25. What happens to a property in the Village if the owner wants to sell or it becomes part of an estate? Does the developer take any proceeds from the sale or dictate who can buy the property?
  26. The sectional and freehold title nature of ownership ensures that the unit forms part of the deceased owner's estate and can be sold by the executors of the estate if required. All re- sales of units will be subject to a buy-in commission of 1% which needs to be added to the purchase price. This buy-in commission will go towards a levy stabilisation fund to ensure levy increases remain within acceptable levels.